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What is sublimation printing and why is it for me?

With so many decoration styles available, it can be confusing to know what's best.
Today we introduce sublimation printing in the article below and discuss why it might be a great option when purchasing products such as sorority stoles and fraternity flags.

In sublimation printing, specialized ink is used that, when heated, turns into a gas and permeates the fibers of the fabric. This process allows for vibrant, high-resolution designs to be printed directly onto the fabric without the need for additional layers of ink. The result is a durable, fade-resistant design that becomes part of the fabric itself rather than sitting on top of it like traditional printing methods.

Sublimation printing on products such as graduation stole and flags 
can be more affordable for several reasons:

  1. No need for separate ink layers: Sublimation printing uses a process where the ink is directly converted into a gas and then permeates the substrate material, typically polyester fabric or polymer-coated items like mugs or phone cases. This means there's no need for separate ink layers for different colors, which can reduce costs.

  2. Lower ink consumption: Since sublimation printing involves transferring ink directly into the substrate material, there is typically less ink used compared to other printing methods like inkjet or screen printing, where ink may be wasted during setup or cleanup.

  3. Less wastage: Sublimation printing doesn't produce as much waste compared to other methods. There are no screens to clean, no plates to create, and minimal setup time. This reduces material waste and labor costs associated with cleaning and setup.

  4. Lower labor costs: Sublimation printing can be automated to a greater extent than other methods, reducing the need for manual labor and thus cutting down on associated costs.

  5. Versatility and efficiency: Sublimation printing can be used on a wide range of materials beyond just fabric, including ceramics, plastics, and metals. This versatility means that a single printing setup can be used for multiple products, increasing efficiency and reducing costs per item.

  6. Cost-effective for small runs: Sublimation printing is often more cost-effective for small print runs compared to other methods, making it attractive for businesses with lower production volumes or those offering personalized/customized items.

  7. Long-lasting prints: Sublimation prints tend to be more durable and longer-lasting compared to other methods, reducing the need for reprints and saving on costs associated with reprinting defective or faded items.

If you are looking for high-quality and affordable products to represent your greek organization, consider sublimation over traditional screen-printing and embroidery. 
Greek graduation stoles and fraternity banners are the perfect products to explore sublimation given the price point and vibrant and flexible printing options.


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