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How To Make A Greek Letter Shirt

When designing a greek letter shirt (with sewn-on sorority or fraternity letters) for your fraternity or sorority numerous decisions need to be made! These include selecting the apparel type, the size of the greek letters, the colors, the stitch type, and any additional embroidery such as a crest or favorite phrase.

There are endless choices when it comes to greek apparel – shirts, sweatshirts, bags, jackets, cardigans, sweatpants, and more! When designing a greek letter shirt, there are several things to consider – the style, brand, and color. Many sorority letter shirts and fraternity letter shirts are made with unisex t-shirts that can be worn by men and women. However, some women prefer a more slim and fitted sorority shirt and may choose to go with a ladies' product. Next, one must consider the apparel brand for their sorority apparel or fraternity apparel. Each brand fits differently and comes with unique product specs which include the weight and fabric blend. Some of the more well-known and popular brands in the market today are Champion, Gildan, Bella Canvas, and Comfort Colors. If you decide to go with a less popular brand, be sure to thoroughly research the product specs. Lastly, one must decide on the apparel color for their apparel. Every brand has its own unique set of colors which just may be the deciding factor for the apparel brand you go with.

Next, the size of the sewn-on greek letters must be chosen for the sorority or fraternity t-shirt. Most companies offer various sizes including 2”, 3”, and/or 4” greek letters. The most common size you will see on a greek letter shirt is 4”. These stitch letters are nice and bold and truly make the sorority letters and fraternity letters pop! If a ladies' style is selected, generally 3” letters are used – these tend to fit better on the smaller style t-shirts. So, if you know you want or need 4” letters it is safest to go with a unisex t-shirt or contact the company before placing an order.

The stitch type on your greek letter shirt is yet another factor to consider. Most companies offer zig-zag and satin stitching. Satin stitching offers a thick thread border around your letters but comes at a premium due to the increase in stitches and the time it takes to sew out. Zig-zag is more regularly used on greek letters and still offers a high-quality and clean look.

Lastly, when designing a greek letter shirt, there is the option to add additional embroidery such as a greek crest or special wording/phrase. This is an excellent way to further customize your greek letter shirt. Often there is the option to select colors, font, placement, and size of embroidery.

As you can see, there are many important steps when designing a greek letter shirt. If you carefully consider all of these decisions, you’ll likely be extremely happy with the product you receive!

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