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How to Customize Your Greek Letter Sweatshirt

A sorority sweatshirt can be one of a few favorite apparel choices on a university campus.  Greek stitch letters show off a sorority member's involvement and commitment toward a Greek organization, but they can also be comfortable and stylish.  Today with so many options for custom Greek apparel, designing a sorority sweatshirt is almost as fun as wearing them!

Greek letter shirts, Greek hoodies, Greek jackets, Greek sweatshirts…so many to choose from.  Once you have decided how you want to wear your Greek letters, you will want to make your custom Greek apparel truly your own.  One of the best ways to customize your Greek letter shirt is by choosing a fabric pattern for your sewn-on Greek letters that fits your personality.  There are a lot of high-quality designer fabrics to choose from, so have fun with it.  Your sorority sweatshirt design will be based around this fabric pattern, so pick one that inspires you.  Many fraternity or sorority stores will offer hundreds of fabric print options like plaid, chevron, ikat, argyle, animal patterns , and stripes. These options allow for creativity and uniqueness.  Usually, there will be a few colors that match well as a background color for the fabric you choose.  Pick a fabric and background color design that gives your sorority sweatshirt a look you will be proud to wear around campus.  

Once you have chosen to wear a Greek sweatshirt or Greek hoodie, and have picked out the designer fabric for your Greek sewn-on letters, you can move on to create even more personal custom Greek apparel.  For example, it is very special to include embroidery somewhere on your custom Greek apparel in addition to your Greek sewn-on letters.  The chosen embroidery can be a nickname, number or phrase that is personal to you and your sorority sisters.  Embroidery is offered in many choices when it comes to the location, font, size, and color of thread.  The color of the thread will look best when matched to your Greek sewn-on letters.  The font and size of the embroidery should also complement your choice of fabric pattern.  The most popular locations on custom Greek apparel where you see Greek embroidery include the left chest, center chest, biceps, wrists, back bottom, back top, and tip of hood (in the case of a Greek hoodie).  

With some sorority apparel stores, it may also be possible to incorporate the embroidery of your sorority crest or another unique design.  Once again, the choice of this embroidery will work best if it matches the fabric pattern and design you have chosen for your sorority sweatshirt. You may also choose a design that commemorates a special sorority event or memory.  The addition of a detailed floral design or stylish heart embroidery will be a great accent to your Greek sewn-on letters.  

When shopping at a fraternity or sorority apparel store, make sure you view photos of real products, which will show you the product quality as well as provide you with great design ideas for your custom Greek apparel!  And if real stitch letters are important to you, watch out for the word Sim Stitch (these aren't really sewn). 

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